The Importance of

Being Resourced

Wellness Service Resource Lists

All providers listed have declared they have appropriate licensing/credentialing and, if necessary, malpractice insurance. Additionally, they have stated they feel they have appropriate knowledge to work with diverse populations with the understanding that their learning is never complete. They feel they bring awareness, humility, curiosity, and compassion.

As we are solely a listing platform, we are not in contract with any providers listed and any issues that may arise are between the center and the provider.

If there are wellness areas that are not covered that you wish were available please reach out and let us know at We hope to continue to expand our list and engage more wellness providers to get involved within their communities, bridging the gap in access for everyone, responding to your needs, and creating beneficial services.

Ongoing/Weekly Services

Ongoing or limited (like a 6 week class). This includes Support Groups

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Offered 1 time or in a 2- 4 week series, 1-2 hours in length

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Special Events

Guest speaker/panelist, participation at a neighborhood block party or all day event, other needs a community partner may have

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If you are a provider interested in adding your name and services to any of these lists please complete this short form.

Community Centers and Nonprofits

If you are interested in finding out the wellness needs of those you serve, we have created a template for a short community wellness survey you can access here.

“It has been career and life-changing for me to work with clients at the Be Well community free massage clinics. Be Well has worked hard to create a sustainable massage clinic that actually reaches clients who do not have accessibility to massage elsewhere. Finding an easy way to reach high-need clientele and having a system in which they are scheduled and reminded by the center staff makes it seamless for me to just show up and work with people.”

– Laura Novak, Massage Therapist